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CEU-Certified Online Educator

The Diamond Standard™ for CEU Certification is a research based quality standard for adult continuing education instructors administering online coursework.

Diamond Standard™ Certification includes:

  • Online Community of Practice
  • Official Numbered Certificate
  • Numbered Digital Badge

What You Need to Know Now

The Diamond Standard™ for CEU Certification is an annual training that provides online educators with the latest information on the most important aspects of online adult continuing education. Whether you need CEU certification for your workplace or just want to make sure you are offering best practices in online learning, this certification ensures you have current information on how to administer official continuing education units for adult non-degree programs. 

Specific to Online Learning

Online learning is a unique learning method. It requires mastering a different set of skills and requires adhering to a different set of laws and policies.

Details on Online Copyright and Fair Use Policies

Laws and policies governing online learning for non-degree programs are easily understood when you have the right, up-to-date information.

Details on Global Citizenship Education (GCED)

 We have a responsibility to use our knowledge for good. This is the only CEU certification in the world that integrates UNESCO's global citizenship education principles into its standard.

Annual Certification

The laws and policies governing online learning for non-degree programs is rapidly evolving. We requiring annual certification renewal, we ensure that each of our CEU-certified online educators have the latest information.

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What People Are Saying

"This {training] demythologized the art of online instruction for me, and it filled gaps and dispelled misconceptions in my understanding of adult learners. 
"I took this training because I have experienced a lot of bad online courses lately. I wanted to make sure I wasn't adding to that with my new course. "
"I realized through this training I was doing it all wrong. I have since gone back and fixed my courses to be compliant with the law."

Meet Our Recent Graduates

We are proud to be the CEU certification home for those teaching both inside and outside The School of Global Citizenry.

Joanne Spence

William Wilkinson

Natasha Robinson