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Citizenry Schools

What are Citizenry Schools?

Citizenry Schools are autonomous schools of thought and training that choose to co-exist within the The School of Global Citizenry learning ecosystem for mutual support and advancement. (They are essentially schools within a school.) This may include a pre-existing school that decides to move their online courses to SGC instead of trying to host them independently or an organization that is developing a school that intentionally builds their program within the SGC online environment, course by course.

Schools Within a School

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Why would I want to start a Citizenry School?

In addition to the seasoned IT and ID expertise of our staff, Citizenry Schools get a dedicated, branded school page on the SGC website. This helps learners locate your courses more quickly and affords you the opportunity to promote your institution more easily.

What is required to become a Citizenry School?

To qualify, you will need to first:
1) be a CEU certified SGC instructor,
2) have completed the training course bundle,
3) have at least four live courses or a B2B contract,
4) and own a missionally-aligned nonprofit or LLC.

Interested in learning more about Citizenry Schools?

We are in the development stage of a number of new Citizenry Schools at this time. To learn more, please contact Sales Support at

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