Certificate in Socio-Emotional Leadership

  • Course Type: Hybrid 
  • Skill Level: Graduate
  • CEU Credits/Hours: 4/40
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course overview
Western civilization would cause us to believe that the sum of our lives is defined by academic achievements, material possessions, and social or economic status. The African concept of Ubuntu, however, centers on how we relate to others or community as the most intrinsic value of life itself. In this 12-week, 4 certified CEU, hybrid certificate course, learners are invited to assess and address their socio-emotional leadership through an inherently African lens.  

Weekly Sessions

Zoom sessions are held each Monday from 6-7:30pm CST. Participation on Zoom calls is required.


Analyze the material and apply it to your lived experience as you grow throughout the course material.

CEU Credits

Students will have 40 hours of course content and earn 4 CEU credits for this course.
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Elevate Your Socio-Emotional Leadership

Learners enrolled in this course will learn:

The 5 S’s of Socio-Emotional Leadership

1. Self-Awareness
2. Self-Regulation
3. Self-Motivation
4. Social Relationships
5. Social Skills

How to Embody and Demonstrate Leadership

Explore how your past, personality type, and calling all contribute to your leadership style.

Gain Greater Awareness of Leadership Capacities

Use what you've learned in the course to empower yourself and others with socio-emotional techniques.

Course Curriculum

Meet Your Instructor:
Rev. Dr. Danielle Buhuro

ACPE Certified, CPE Supervisor, and CEU Certified Instructor
Rev. Dr. Danielle "Danie" J. Buhuro is the Founder, Executive Director, and ACPE Certified Educator at Sankofa CPE Center, LLC. where she is board certified by both ACPE and APC. Danie is an ordained clergy with ministerial standing in the United Church of Christ (UCC), the author of numerous books, and also serves as the Director of Movement Chaplaincy at Faith Matters Network.
Patrick Jones - Course author