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Meet Our Senior Consultant

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 Hi. My name is Rev. Dr. Lindsay Andreolli-Comstock. I am a global citizenship specialist and educational design strategist. I have a passion for developing patterns of online engagement that create transformative learning opportunities.

With a doctorate focused on adult curriculum development for social justice education, I have spent the last 15 years (in the US and abroad) helping individuals, schools, churches, businesses, and nonprofit organizations take the next step in their learning journey through strategic educational and organizational design practices.

If you are looking for a guide as you explore the joys of teaching or are ready to build a transformative online learning program but aren't sure where to begin, I am happy to bring these experiences to bear for you. I offer a number of executive consulting packages that include online trainings or you can contact me directly for a specialized plan.

A Package for Every Vision

School Package

Online learning has become an essential part of our educational ecosystem. Let me help you build an online school that meets the highest standards of educational quality.
  • On-site or Virtual Trainings
  • Coaching for Administrators 
  • Online Classroom Simulations

Nonprofit Package

Online training have become an essential part of our social society. Let me help you build a cutting edge training platform for your staff and community.
  • Individual Trainer Consultations 
  • On-Site or Virtual Trainings
  • Coaching for Executives and Directors

Business Package

Online learning and training are an essential part of the business world. Let me help you envision an online learning environment that maximizes sales and productivity.
  • Online Training Simulations
  • Individual  "Train the Trainer" Consultations
  • On-Site or Virtual Trainings

Hire a Course Developer

We offer multiple services to help you at every stage of course development. Whether you are working off white paper and still aren't sure where or when to host your online course to those who are already building courses in an established Learning Management System, our Course Developers work with the format your are in and can help you advance to the next stage of course creation. An initial evaluation will help us determine which of our talented CDs is best suited for your needs and the LMS you are working with at the time. 

Creative Work Sessions


Learner-Centered Methodology


A Unique Fit

Our certified Course Developers are trained instructional designers but hold different specialities. You will be matched with a CD that can help meet your unique needs quickly and efficiently.

Ease of Exchange

All course development conversations are hosted in private chat rooms for ease of communication and exchange of materials. No need to carve out meeting time or undergo more training to get the job done. 

Only What You Need

We understand course development is a process and you may not need help with all of it. Our customizable packages are affordable and designed to offer what you need where you are in the process.

Struggling to Get Your Course Together?

Our certified Course Developers (CDs) are ready to assist you with your online course development needs. From basic course layout and existing content placement to the creation of learner-centered visuals and overall course design, CDs work with you to build compelling online courses. They are trained to help you achieve your educational goals and meet the unique needs of your learners quickly and efficiently.

Our Services

As an online educator, you know best what you need and when you need it. That is why we allow consulting clients to build their own course development packages based on a set of available services. Once your package is confirmed and payment is submitted, you are matched with a certified Course Developer (CD) who is trained in instructional design and course creation and likely specializes in your area of need.  Your CD will facilitate the exchange of ideas and content via a private chat room and work with you to develop a compelling and engaging online course. No meetings, no emails, just progress. You may build the package that best suits your needs in the development of your online course and add additional services as they are needed. 

Our services include: 
  • Curriculum Outlining
  • Proposal Editing 
  • Sales Page Creation
  • Content Placement
  • Visual Content Creation
  • Learner Assessment Creation
  • Learner Evaluation Creation
  • Curriculum Video Evaluation 
  • Instructional Flow Evaluation
  • Course Design
  • Course Implementation
  • Full LMS build-out and more!
I am grateful for the design sessions I received when I decided to move my business  services online. It wasn't easy but Lindsay helped me build on my strengths and gain confidence in what I offer virtually.
2023 consulting client
The school consultations gave my teachers the knowledge they needed to pivot to teaching online without fear. I had no idea how different brick and mortar teaching could be from online instruction. 
2022 consulting client
The [CEU-Approved Instructor Certification Training] demythologized the art of online instruction for me, and it filled gaps and dispelled misconceptions in my understanding of adult learners.
2020 instructor Training