Faith Matters Network Movement Chaplaincy Training 2024

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  • Instructors: Faith Matters Network Staff 
  • Pre-recorded and Live Sessions
  • CEU Credits/Contact Hours: 5/50
  • Duration: 12 Weeks
Course overview
This 12-week course focuses on the practice of movement chaplaincy - providing spiritual, emotional, and relational support to people and communities engaged in social justice movements. Learning is organized into three core areas: 1) foundations, 2) skills & practices, and 3) applications.

Faith Matters Network Movement Chaplaincy Training was formerly known as Daring Compassion Movement Chaplaincy Training. 
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CEU Certificate Included
This certificate meets The Diamond Standard™ for CEU Certification for 5 CE units (50 contact hours) for religious, social, and civic professionals and is adaptable (with prior approval) for academic course credit.

Who should register?

You do not need specific religious or theological training for this course. If it resonates with you, it’s for you.
This training is for anyone who is drawn to it. Intrigued by it. Who wants to take it. People who feel like your role in the world is something to do with healing, support and care. Maybe you are already in movement or maybe you are a spiritual, healer type dipping your toes into activism. Maybe you are a longtime organizer who can’t stomach one more campaign but really love creating a space for people to debrief after actions. Maybe you are a faith leader who is also an activist who wants to be lifegiving in the support you give, not weird or abusive. People come at movement chaplaincy from a lot of different angles.

Faith Matters Network Movement Chaplaincy Training was formerly known as Daring Compassion Movement Chaplaincy Training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the term “Movement Chaplain”?

Committed to integrating healing and justice into social change work, we have designed a training with a clear commitments to liberation, care and life for all through the centering of those most impacted by oppression. We use chaplain as a “shorthand”, understandable term for those who focus on spiritual, emotional, relational and physical care and movement chaplain to those who provide that care in settings that are particularly focused on social justice movements for change. 

We recognize that chaplain is a particularly religious and most often Christian associated term that now includes spiritual and emotional care and accompaniment by people of all/no faith. We acknowledge that we (the instructors) have been educated in Christian contexts. We - and Faith Matters Network - also have advisers and collaborators of various religious traditions and affiliations as part of our commitment to developing a curriculum that is useful to people of all faiths and no particular faith. 

So, if you use a different word or phrase to describe your work, we think that’s great - you can still do the training and use whatever name for yourself that most deeply resonates with yourself and your community!

What is the course flow?

This course will include a combination of online learning content, reflective journal assignments, online relational discussion channels through Slack, and 4 video conference reflection circles.  (Dates for live sessions: February 21, 2024
March 13, 2024, April 3, 2024, and April 24, 2024, from 12 noon to 1:30pm Eastern.)

Course content is be distributed weekly on Tuesdays for 12 consecutive weeks. This is not a self-paced course, meaning students will be expected to join the course on the first day of class and keep up with the weekly course content throughout the 12 weeks. Students do have the ability to navigate each week’s course materials at their own pace WITHIN each week. 

Is financial assistance available?

In an effort to live out solidarity with those most impacted by unequal economic realities of our world, we ask learners to pay according to their means and abilities. Pay full tuition if you are able through income and/or savings, if you receive funding from your employer, have access to educational funds or community support. If you are low income, working class, a student with limited resources, or otherwise financially strained, please email to receive information about reduced tuition. 
what movement chaplains are saying

Recent Course Feedback

"[Faith Matters Network Movement Chaplaincy Training] creates a safe space for us to be vulnerable, tap into our inner core, bring ourselves fully into our movement work, and grow as an activist and human being during the process."
Victor Narro, JD
Community Chaplain,
Labor & Immigrant Rights Activist
Los Angeles, California
"This work has such profound impact and is so necessary. This organization has found and put together all of the elements to produce a relevant, effective course that has the potential to spur great transformation in many areas of social and healing justice."
Reverend Dr. K. Evangeline Frye
AME Pastor and Community Chaplain
St. Louis, Missouri
"While I have served as a member of the clergy for a decade and a half, the  Movement Chaplaincy Training course by Faith Matters Network opened me up to thinking about the intersection of spirituality and social justice in a new and empowering way."
Rabbi Seth Goldstein
Temple Beth Hatfiloh
Olympia, Washington