Intersections of Power and Identity

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  • Instructor: Elizabeth Philipose, Ph.D.
  • Start Date:
    October 2, 2023
  • Duration:
    6-weeks with live sessions
course overview
Intersections of Power and Identity offers a comprehensive analysis of the ways that gender, race, class, sexuality, ability, and nation operate in our daily lives. These are socially constructed identifiers that establish our status in a hierarchical society. They are the trajectories of power that shape society and all of its institutions.

The 4 CEU credit course covers the meaning of intersectional power, the colonial context which laid the foundations for contemporary power,  the ways they are maintained, and social movements that seek to transform society from hierarchy to equality. 

Synchronous Material

This 6-week, synchronous course delivers new learning material and assignments each week.

Live Weekly Sessions

Learners meet with the instructor live, each week for further instruction and discussion.

Online Discussion Forums

Each weekly learning module contains discussion forum assignments and journal prompts.

Required Reading and Writing

Self-reflection, contemplation, reading, and writing are requirements for satisfactory completion of the course.
Meet the CEU certified instructor

Elizabeth Philipose

Elizabeth Philipose is a Spiritual Therapist and Founder of Decolonial Wellness Counseling and Education; and Lecturer in Gender and Women’s Studies. She holds a Ph.D. in International Politics and Feminist Theory; and certificates in Spiritual Counseling, Meditation, Yoga, Worthy Method Coaching, and Movement Chaplaincy. Elizabeth teaches at the intersection of gender, sexuality, race, nation, and empire. Her topics include economic globalization, international human rights and law, war and violence, intersectional feminist theory, and global women’s movements. She has published articles and presented papers about the laws of war and women’s human rights, the politics of pain in globalization, the pedagogy of transformational classrooms, feminism and mysticism, and the colonial grammar of international legal trials.
Patrick Jones - Course author