Certificate in Entrepreneurship

This on-demand, self-paced course on the basics of entrepreneurship is designed for adult learners who are interested in starting their own businesses.

The course covers the essential concepts and principles of entrepreneurship, providing learners with the knowledge and skills needed to develop a successful startup. The course also highlights the best practices for new entrepreneurs and offers insight on how to avoid common pitfalls often faced by new business owners.

This certificate course takes an estimated 2-6 weeks to complete.
  • Live Feedback

    in the virtual chatroom
  • Certificate Included

    upon completion
  • Teaching Team

    actual entrepreneurs
  • 3 Certified CE Units

    30 hour equivalent

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the course, learners will be able to:
  • Understand the key concepts and principles of entrepreneurship
  • Identify the key characteristics of successful entrepreneurs
  • Develop a business plan, conduct market research, and identify target customers
  • Understand the legal and financial aspects of starting a business
  • Create a marketing plan and an effective sales strategy
  • Identify common pitfalls that new business owners face and how to avoid them

What's included?

In this training course, participants will learn how to develop, organize, and implement an entrepreneurial business strategy that avoids common pitfalls and builds a firm foundation for future growth. 

Practical Insight

Actual entrepreneurs sharing about real life experiences.

Diverse Learning Modalities

Integrated video teaching from actual entrepreneurs.

Seasoned Advice

Time tested business owners with experience in the for-profit and non-profit sector.

Live Interactions

An on-demand course with live instructor feedback and fellow learner chat forum.

Proven Methods

Skills and habits that have proven successful for entrepreneurs.

Certified CEUs 

Earn a Certificate in Entrepreneurship
gifted practitioners. experienced leaders. global educators.

Meet the Entrepreneur Teaching Team

Tony Caldwell

Tony is a practitioner of Jungian psychoanalysis in private practice and the owner of Caldwell Guitars, a boutique musical instrument store in Nashville, TN. 

Kisha Parker

Kisha is a realtor, an investor, a pastor, and a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) who has provided individual, couples, and family therapy to residents of central Indiana for the past 17 years.

AnaYelsi Velasco-Sanchez

AnaYelsi is a justice educator who uses her Interlocking Justice methodology to catalyze change; offering education, coaching, consulting, writing, and art to help people build a sustainable and accessible movement for liberation.

Riley Carbone Kern

Riley is a husband, daddy, idealist, attorney, meditator, and entrepreneur.

Colber Prosper

Colber is the founder and CEO of Prosper & Partners, an international consulting firm based in Washington, DC.

Lindsay Andreolli-Comstock

Lindsay is a GCED Specialist, international immersive learning guide, instructional design consultant, author, educator, and occasional podcaster.

A Note about Course Delivery:

The course will be delivered online, with learners able to access the content and complete assignments at their own pace. The course will include a combination of video lectures, case studies, lived experience, and practical advice. Learners will also have the opportunity to interact with other learners through an online discussion forum. Upon successful completion of the course, learners will receive a Certificate in Entrepreneurship.