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Citizenry Directory

What is the Citizenry Directory?

The Citizenry Directory exists to aid adult learners in their search for high-quality, lifelong learning opportunities. Organized into one central, global database, the Citizenry Directory helps broaden the educational landscape while narrowing the search field. This allows adult learners to find courses, trainings, and programs that meet their unique needs more quickly and easily. The Citizenry Directory is the only global repository for continuing education that currently exists.

Make Your Courses Known

The Citizenry Directory helps grow your institutional brand and sell more online courses by providing curated promotion
to a pre-existing global audience of adult learners. 
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What types of directory listings are available?

The Citizenry Directory has two types of listings: 1) the general directory and 2) the course directory. The General Directory is a comprehensive database of all schools and organizations offering online learning. The Course Directory is a highly curated list of current and upcoming online learning opportunities.

How much does it cost to be listed?

A lifetime listing of your institution or organization in the General Directory is a one-time fee of $250 USD. (For those located in the Global South, the fee is $100 USD.) Course Directory listings are by ad subscription. $16.99 a month (per course). No contracted length of time required. Cancel your subscription at anytime.

Why should I list with Citizenry Directory?

First, the General Directory is a one-time fee for a lifetime of promotion.

Second, listing your courses in the Course Directory means targeted exposure among a pre-existing (and growing) global audience specifically interested in online, continuing education.

Third, for the cost of a Facebook ad, your courses will experience natural marketing cross-pollination from learners considering similar online learning opportunities at other institutions and organizations. 

Get Started Today!

The Citizenry Directory has two lists: General and Course. Both are organized to help learners find courses, trainings, and programs that meet their unique needs more quickly and easily. Click the button for the directory that most interests you (or both) and fill out the submission request form.